The Experience

I love to chase the wind and embrace the light.
So if your down for the wind to mess up your hair and not afraid of the sun, let’s freaking do it! 


…you’ll laugh
i’ll cry…


and we’ll fall in love all over again

We often hear that a wedding day is “perfect”. Weddings shouldn’t be about perfection.
They are supposed to be about love and guess what? Love is messy and raw and wild and BEAUTIFUL.

We will dance, we will run, we will laugh, I’ll most likely cry because you guys are too in love and lets just say you won’t need to go to the gym that day
There’s something about dirt on a wedding dress that just feels right. 


“ OMG! We love this girl! Mary is a gem! She made us feel sooo comfortable and gave us the direction needed to get natural beautiful photos! She also made the experience romantic and so much fun. We cant wait to take more photos with her! It’s amazing what a person can do with a camera and a playful imagination. Thank you Mary! “

-Joy & Brandon