Hi there! Iā€™m Mary!


I am A photographer & videographer located in the corner of the world
where its pretty much always sunny and breezy. Southern California. 


fun facts about me: I love Jesus with all my heart! I have been blessed with the most incredible husband. I'm a Cat mom. We basically live at Disneyland and eat cupcakes very very very often. 

10 years ago. I started taking photos of my friends in high school, where ever we went documenting our adventures. 
I then pursued a degree in film at Cal State Long Beach and after graduating I landed a sweet job in Hollywood but soon realized that my heart was and always will be with my camera and all of you. 

I LOVE REMINISCING ON PHOTOS FROM THE PAST BECAUSE ITS important to remember who you once were and how far you have come throughout life. The moments where you made terrible mistakes, built character, and then triumphed. Your photos will help tell your story and the legacy you leave behind.
Its a way for everyone to connect to the past, present, and future. 

I'm here to help you leave your mark on the world. To capture your special moments, milestones, all those triumphs, or even just a sweet day in your backyard. Lets capture history!